Crazy feet, all i wanna do is sing

all i wanna do is sing

All I Wanna Do Is Sing is sung by Alexis Biesiada.


Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, Oh
Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, Ooh, Yeah

Singing in my room, writing my new songs
The music feels right, but my lyrics are wrong
It's gonna take a while, but I'll keep singing all night long

My radio is gone, but my record deal's on
I know I will rock, with my guitar turned on strong
And soon enough, the world will get to hear me sing my songs


All I want to do is sing, nobody ever knows
All I want to do is sing, when everybody hears me
Nobody ever knows

Standing on a stage, with a smile on my face
We start with the drums, and then we add in the bass
The music starts to play, and the crowd begins to sway
They all sing along, while I'm belting my new songs
And soon enough, the world will get to see where I belong


Doesn't matter where I am
And I don't care if no one's listening
When my heart says to let it show
It's time to let it go

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