The Wiggies Blush

We ain't no ladies - we're superstars
We're sugar babies - sweet like a candy bar
We never walk, we only ride
4 wheels beats 2 heels - we got our pride
All kiddin' aside

We're so high, the mountains look small
We can fly, no building's too tall
Gravity can't hold us down
We got the world spinnin' around us
The sun and the moon bow down to us

So clear the way - for the superstars
It's a lucky day, when you know who you are
It's okay to dress like us
Walk and talk and act like us
Can't look back, when you're all that

United we stand
Divided we fall
I hear the mountains…I hear the mountains call
Aaay oh ay oh
Aaay oh ay oh
S-U-P - You are
A superstar, superstar, superstar - yeah, yeah


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